s-tui, a frontend for stress-ng

a dashboard with many analog temperature

For a (failed) project, I needed to stress-test a system in order to verify the limits of it's ventilation system and it's temperatues. I heard about stress-ng a while ago, and I lately found about a fronted for it, named s-tui.

What is stress-ng ?

The name actually describes it very well. This tool allows you to run various stress tests on your computer, on many Unix-like operating systems. The tool is actually intended for my kind of use-case, which is trying to find thermal issues. The examples in the README.md file are quite useful, I invite you to try it.

What is s-tui ?

while looking for stress-ng in my package manager, s-tui came out. As it turns out, this frontend is really complementary. It is a terminal UI for stress-ng, hence its name. It is not only able to run a stress test, but also to simply monitor some properties of your system, starting with CPU usage, CPU frequency and temperature. You can have a look at the baseline before starting a test, from s-tui or outside of it.

screenshot of s-tui running on a Raspberry Pi 2B

Photo by Michal Mrozek on Unsplash.