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An "open" sign in front of a shop's window A shameless autopromotion post about some services I provide.

Public IP address and browser informations display

If you need to check what your public IP adress is, and some informations from your web browser, have a look at I created this page in order to give these informations from a location I trust, and without advertisement. Because I did not want to code anything using PHP or something else, everything makes uses of Server Side Includes (SSI).

And if you want to use the public IP address information, let's say for automation, just point your curl to the /ip URL, you will get it without any HTML to strip.

Share text snippets and small files

Everyone knows about PasteBin and its many clones. One in particular is the self-hosted PrivateBin, which I find to be quite useful. I'm very proud to see my instance to be the second french instance in the PrivateBin instances directory. You can use my instance here :

Features include :

  • copy and paste large amounts of text ;
  • data is encrypted and decrypted in the browser using 256bit AES in Galois Counter mode ;
  • ability to colorize the text following the syntax ;
  • you can configure the expiration time with pre-defined ranges, from 5 minutes to never ;
  • a burn-after-read system, so you can ensure the link will be shown only once (useful for passwords and secrets) ;
  • password-protected pastes (of course, you'll provide the password using another channel for enhanced security) ;
  • file attachment.

My instance limits the paste size (including attachments) to around 55MB.

Share bigger files

For sharing bigger files, and since everything dynamic here runs on PHP, I installed a Jirafeau instance to provide with the ability to share some big files. You can use my instance here :

Features include :

  • password-protected files (you can provide the password using the burn-after-read feature of my PrivateBin instance) ;
  • one-time downloads ;
  • you can configure the expiration time with pre-defined ranges, from one minute to a month (no unlimited tier here ;-)).

My instance size limit is 640MB.

Warning : unlike the PrivateBin instance, data is not encrypted.

Support these services, and more !

I just signed up for Liberapay, so if you want to help and don't want to subscribe to my Twitch channel, this is the place to support my services and my contributions for a more open digital world. Of course, neither of them is mandatory and you can just enjoy the services, code and content for free.

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Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash